Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Why don't I blog much anymore?

Happy New Year 2019! I have lately been thinking a lot about why I find it so hard to blog nowadays - that's here on my Quilting Blog as well as on my e-Learning blog here (to a certain extent). The purpose of this post is to mull over the question above, "Why don't I blog much anymore?"

Thoughts about Digital Tools fit more into my professional life, and in that realm I have presented more than once on the use of Social Media. One of my mantras there is 'different tools for different purposes' and 'not all tools meet everyone's needs at all times'. So what has changed, why don't I use blogging anymore for my quilting?

When we lived in Brisbane in 2015, I started using Instagram because quite a few of the #brisbanemqg members are posting regularly on Instagram. Since I have come back, my longtime friend Suzanne has also started to use IG (and is a much more prolific user than I am lol). It's easy to use, it's quick: Just snap a picture or two, add some text, a few hashtags and handles, and off you post it to the world. Just as easy to like a post, to leave a comment etc. But just as with Twitter (which I have used extensively in my professional life in the past, you can find me as @BeLchick1), posts disappear in a never ending stream. Admittedly they can be accessed via your profile page and / or via the hashtags.

I started blogging more than 7 years ago, and in my first post I wrote: 
my sewing room is my luxury retreat from reality where I sneak away from the "mum, he hit me", "mum, I'm hungry" or "what are we having for dinner?".

My intention is to post every other week or so to keep myself on task. If anyone else is interested in my ramblings - great! - and any advice and feedback is much appreciated!
Looking back at my beginnings as blogger, I had posted very regularly, I pretty much used my blog like I have used Instagram lately. I soon got sucked into the whole how many people follow my blog, how many have viewed my posts, how many comments and where are they from at some stage but I am happy to report that I have now gotten over this - it might have to do with my lack of posting (insert a rolling eye emoji). What has lately prevented me from posting regularly is the whole idea that blogging takes time, requires effort - I have made it into something that feels like a chore. I still like the idea of a blog, though mine needs quite an overhaul I think. It's a great place to keep pictures of the quilts I made though I realise I have gaps in several of the last few years. A blog has space to write about 'stuff' if I want to, but maybe I'll just stick with picture + words + hashtags.

In lieu of New Year's Resolutions as such I have decided I will try to revive my blog, keeping it simple, posting on here what I would put on IG (or maybe what I also put on IG?), giving me an easier way of tracking my sewing progress (or my lack thereof lol).

In case you are interested in what I started a few days ago, check out until I get a chance to upload the pictures in a blogpost.

Happy Sewing!

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