Saturday, 25 August 2012

Fending for themselves

That's what my poor neglected children have to do this weekend :-) With a little (a lot!) of help from family, my new toy has arrived yesterday! I am thoroughly enjoying myself testing it - albeit on top not inside my sewing table as it is considerably bigger that my old machine so DH will have to make some alterations.
Since my last post I have finished my old job, been to the snow, trout fly fishing and rock wall climbing (well, support - morale and physical- for the latter two), have started my new job (thoroughly enjoyed my first three days) and gone back to my old school for my one day / week (I haven't had as many hugs in a day ever, seems the students missed me lol).
There are three washing baskets of washing to fold and put away, the dog hasn't been fed, bread needs making, I need to shoot up to Suz for a missing ingredient for dinner but obviously my priorities are with my
new toy - I better get back to it!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Lumi Inkodye

And yet another wet weekend is over! Still pouring with rain though, hubby won't like that, he's off to night shift in a couple of hours... It's been a busy week, I have finished my f/t teaching job and with it the mountains of paperwork - reports, certificates of achievement, grades, anecdotal notes, reflections etcetc phew!
This weekend then we had to pack as middle DS and I are geading down to the snow with his school next week :-) By all accounts it will be COLD (I obviously have gone soft from living in the NZ Far North for 15 years!)- and then there's the little added problem of Mt. Tongariro erupting once last weekend. So far nothing has happened since, ski fields are open so we're still on! Luckily I hold the camera so won't appear in many pics, must be almost 20 years and at least 20kg since I last skied, I might be quite a sight - not!
My new machine is on the way from Germany due to the generous help from family - might even arrive by next weeken ready to be tried out :-) I went for the Pfaff after all, keeping my fingers crossed it will do what I want it to do.
In the meantime I have started working on a quilt for an ex-colleague, using the idea from Janet on what comes next. At this stage I am making a whole lot of blocks (80?), once I have exact measurements I will add sashings (probably in white). I am tempted to use QAYG due to likely size, we'll see.
Lastly, my hubby just saw sth. about Inkodye by Lumi on tv - Looks very interesting, does anyone know a bit more about this?
Have a good week everyone!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Another week is over - tgif!

Just one more week f/t teaching! A colleague mentioned today that I looked a lot less stressed lol I have to say I had a good week, calluses on my finger tips from playing bass for class bands, square eyes from writing heaps of reports but I know 'the end is near' ;-). After next week I could be utterly sick of playing "Soul Sister" by Train, but it is a cool song and the kids can play it. We've also been dabbling with "Don't forget your roots" by the NZ band Six60 today - do look them up sometime, some of our homegrown Kiwi talent.
Due to all this my sewing has suffered a bit, but I managed to try out some new feather Suz had forwarded me a link for which she had in turend from Leeanne from quiltmekiwi blog  - is some seriously cool quilting on this blog!
I am still working through the possibility of that new machine, see last post, so any advice is still much appreciated!
Happy Sewing Weekend!