Thursday, 10 January 2019

Progress on Giant Panda Quilt

On Tuesday Suzanne & I went for a little shopping trip, and now I can continue the Giant Panda Quilt:
Completed fpp inner...

... with first border

Auditioning border options...

...neither seem right

An IG conversation helped...

Giant Panda Quilt in the wild lol (on the washing line last night)...

62” square so far - another (2x) 11” to go :)

Happy Sewing!!!

Monday, 7 January 2019

Quilt Planner

I have seen various Quilt Planners around the Internet, and while I liked the version from Canoe Ridge Creations, it didn't quite meet my needs. I used hers as the inspiration and made my own one. Rather than making resolutions, which actually worked amazingly well for me in 2018 (despite a lack of blogging), this year I want to make a list of what WIPs I have on the go. I know that I need a variety of projects to keep me interested, some quick-fix instant gratification type stuff, some ongoing projects, some quilting, some piecing etc. So here we go for 2019:

If you find this useful, feel free to download my template here; you are welcome to use and to remix for non-commercial activities.

Some of the other quilting related plans for 2019 include learning how to use the rulers for my Sweet Sixteen better, and getting back into fabric painting/dying - maybe these can score me some new cushion covers for the couch?

Really only these projects on the list yet??? I better go and double-check in my sewing room - don't wait for me, I might get lost there...

Happy Sewing.

First Finish - more batiks

Those batiks must obviously have been calling my name for a while now (and it's not stopping yet lol)... Should I mention that I just yesterday made an order almost entirely of batiks from Pink Castle Fabrics? Well, somehow that #patchworkcity2018 top will need to be completed lol and now that I have made the order I feel more confident to cut up my remnants of Me & Yous in black and white because I know there are more (and similar ones) to come. But back to my first finish for 2019:

Pohutukawa - Kiwi Christmas (Whakapapa #2)
It actually look way less distorted in real life, but the sun is burning down on the deck and a light hot breeze is blowing, so until I get it put up inside the house, this photograph will do fine :)

It started all back in early 2017. The Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild had made this quilt Riverfire before I left Australia:

I had dabbled with crazy patchwork 'back in the day' (you can find a few of those under the label Small Projects), and I wanted to try my hand at modern improv. New Zealand summers are well known for the red flowers of the Pohutukawa tree, New Zealand's 'Christmas tree', and to follow on from Whakapapa #1 (which was all about the small town where I grew up in Germany), so this is now Whakapapa #2, in reference to our life in New Zealand.

Copyright free images from Google Images provided the inspiration... plan - 1" grid on paper for 4" blocks
I decided to pull out all my batik scraps for this projects and sorted them into the corresponding colours - using batiks as I felt even small 'crumbs' would be usable and not unravel (is that the word???)

Soon I had to start cutting into my batik FQs and yardage as I didn't have enough scraps - and with that I created more scraps (sigh)

I was ready to give up at the top completed line, but thanks to my IG buddies I persevered with a final row

FMQ and threadpainting

Not the best colours, but this is the quilted top.
Some close-ups of the quilting:

As per my usual method, I pulled up the bottom thread at the beginning of the quilting and kept long ends at the end, again pulling up the bottom thread (when I remembered). As usual that left me with a gazillion threads to bury, but I finally finished this today - phew!

Instead of binding I opted for a skinny facing with triangles in the corners for hanging:

While I found the right piece of wood for the top in DH's stash, we'll need to buy some more for the bottom; with the tight quilting I feel there needs to be a bit of weight at the bottom to make sure this piece hangs just right.

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Batiks and #patchworkcity2018

There is a lot I like about batiks - the colours and patterns, the tight weave, the fact you can (almost) equally use the back and the front... However, over the last few years I have gotten out of using batiks though I still have quite a bit of it in my stash. In February 2017 I came across Hoffman Me & You batiks, to my mind mixing modern patterns with the beauty of batiks, so I had to have them lol

In 2018 I finally made use of them, first in the Baby Quilts, then I joined the #patchworkcity2018 SAL on IG where I decided to use a mixture of my batiks, including the remainders of Me & You. I could be really obsessive and list every single block used, but if you want to know, just follow the link above, @manhandledthreads has got the names listed in his weekly SAL blocks.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5
Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

'bonus block' 2

'bonus block' 1

Week 11
The SAL took a break over Christmas so Suzanne and I sewed a few bonus blocks in the meantime. My black & white Me & Yous are seriously depleted, so I am trying to get some more. No one seems to carry it locally, so sadly I will probably have to order from the US despite the high freight cost - but it would look strange to change it all around now. I have started to add in some black Quilters' Muslin which I am using for the sashing, but I want to keep that to a minimum. Using a non-batik for the sashing helps a lot in getting the blocks into the right shape - much more forgiving :)
I don't have that many more colours to go from my original selection, I think I will go back and do a few more transitions - and then there is always the option of buying more fabric...

My selection for #patchworkcity2018; well, I obviously have quite a few batiks...

Happy Sewing!

Friday, 4 January 2019

Progress on Giant Panda Quilt

Some more progress:

I bought just a few more FQs and I’m confident I have enough material for the background now though the borders will need some sort of scrappy feel to go with the background. I can see a roadtrip to Whangarei in the near future to get my borders sorted...

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Baby Quilts

At an organisation like ours that employs many younger people, there are always babies due, and in 2018 I made quilts for two sets of expecting parents.

Baby Quilt #1
I had a FQ pack of Hoffman Me & You
I used this Criss Cross Applesauce Tutorial

Auditioning the faux piping

Quilted with generous swirls and loops on my Sweet Sixteen

Doesn't that binding just look too cute?

Baby Quilt #2:

More Me & Yous...

Creating a streamer pattern...
...but quite a few corners to match...
The pieced inner without border...
... and here a dreadful photo with borders attached and quilted. I can't find a photo of the completed item, maybe on my work phone (which will remain turned off until I go back to work lol). No piped binding this time though.
Sadly I haven't kept notes of measurements etc. but both a backed with a spotty grey minky from Spotlight, cotton batting (roll from Spotlight). #2 is quilted with a ruler, curved lines from corner to corner on each streamer. I will post more photos if I find them.

Happy Sewing.

Always has my back

While I mentioned this quilt in my post from last Easter, I have a few more shots of the making of it. Tanya was my teacher aide when I was teaching in my last classroom in 2016, and she literally always had my back. I have been really interested in plus blocks in 2017 and 2018, and I used some of the left over squares from my Tokyo Subway Map Quilt to make purple and green pluses; while the colour combination sounded a bit unusual for me, I really like how it all came together in the end.

Plus blocks, still fairly random layout though alternating purples and greens

Plus and X block, more interesting

Different background options - from memory I didn't have enough grey but didn't want to buy any more?
Completed top - I added tiny cornerstones within the skinny sashing

First top quilted on my new to me Sweet Sixteen

Close up - I love the faux piped binding, and the fact you don't have to hand-stitch down the binding is a bonus!

On my washing line, blowing in the breeze :)

A Spotlight wide backing on the back; I didn't have enough but luckily one of my Brisbane MQG buddies posted me some more :)

Happy Sewing!