Sunday, 17 February 2019

Rainbow at Sea

I have been thinking of making a Storm at Sea quilt for years. In October the wonderful Suzanne shared a pattern with me that finally got me over the line:
A free pattern from Free Spirit which I adapted to fit my colour preferences and my size bed ;)
A little shopping at my LQS The Country Yard...
... added to fabrics from my stash
Here it goes! I drew up a FPP pattern for those parts that were pieced in the original instructions
Block 1
Blocks 1 & 2
Block 3 laid out
Blocks 1, 2, 3 & 4 - yay! 10 down, 32 more to go lol
Wouldn't these four blocks would make a cute Medallion?

As mentioned in the captions, I drew up FPP patterns for all parts of the block (even where the Free Spirit pattern said to piece). I like the accuracy you get, though sometimes matching points can still be a pain. For the fourth block(s) I trialled piecing the bottom right corner but I ended up with bias edges which were a (different) pain to match. I will go back to FPP despite the amount of paper I am going through, it gives a much nicer finish.

This is definitely not a quick quilt to make, but I LOVE the rainbow weaving across the top so I will just hang in there and it will get done when it gets done:) About 10 years ago I had wanted to make a flame coloured Storm at Sea quilt, but I didn't have the confidence I cold make appropriate fabric choices then. Now I know I can do it, so one day it will happen :)

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Panda (third finish)

Finished in time for my niece's 9th birthday (Monday after next)
Not easy to photograph - it's just a bit larger than the mattress of my California Superking 
...and from the other side....
I was tempted to name him - I think it's a him - but I better leave this to Miss soon 9
Faux Piped binding sped up the process of attaching binding considerably - though the piping is barely visible (I'll have to rethink choice of pattern next time)
And from the back: Fmq giant bamboo stalks in 'organic' rows on a dyed sheet
Yay for project number three completed! Time to check my Quilt Planner for the year :)

Always easily led astray (aye, Suzanne) I have added a new project to the yet to start list, Converging Corners:

 Youngest DS has requested I replace the disintegrating "very hungry caterpillar" cushion covers with elephant silhouettes, most likely fpp, and then I almost forgot about the Tui, the pattern is already cut out waiting for me to pull fabrics. I somehow think I won't get bored any time soon?

Waitangi Day on Wednesday means mayhem at work and then back in the classroom from Thursday - I'll come up for air sewing every now and then!

Happy Sewing!

Monday, 28 January 2019

Anniversary Weekend

So I fell down the rabbit hole went back to work - loved it but as expected there was no time for sewing. TG for a long weekend, Northland (and Auckland and Bay of Plenty) Anniversary weekend, and I got both some piecing and some quilting done:

Week 12

Week 13

Bonus Block 3: Crosswalk, Waterfront and balcony
I meant to do this in peach, but accidentally started in the next purples on the pile - duh! I'll have to check carefully what blocks are included in week 14, I try to avoid putting same blocks next to each other...

Weeks 1-13 plus the three bonus blocks - I can see a few more yellow, pink and red blocks are in order
The Giant Panda quilt needs approx. 3 more rows of quilting...

Only space large enough to lay it out is the deck now :)
closer up
I better get back to it!
Happy Sewing!

Friday, 18 January 2019

Giant Panda - I can almost see the finish line

Of course (...) I ended up with plenty of aqua and green leftovers... I didn't want to go backing-shopping, and I had some nice white cotton sheets of the right size for backing. But even little 9 year old girls will get white things grubby, so with the help of mum I dyed the sheet (and my hands) aqua!

Take some aqua procion dye, a large microwave and a large plastic container as well as some Soda Ash (I used the instructions from LuAnn Kessi which I had blogged about here) and your white sheet becomes an aqua backing:

I put an IG filter on to get the pic closer to the true colour 
- oh yes, you can get blue hands, too, if you're not diligent about wearing gloves lol
Since we put a big fluffy mat in the lounge, I unsuccessfully tried table basting before I made enough space on the floor by the breakfast island 
I had asked on IG if people thought I needed to add leaves to the aqua lines in the wide white border, there were mixed responses, but to be honest I couldn't really get myself motivated, so instead I quilted giant bamboo stalks:
I found no easy way to photograph this...

... visible a little better from the back
There are still a few more projects from 2018 I want to blog about, but as I'm going back to work next week, we'll just have to see how that works out. Until then I will just enjoy the beautiful summer in the Far North of New Zealand!

Happy Sewing!

Second Finish (no batiks lol)

Last year I jumped on the #berninazenchicqal to make a cover for DH's new-to-him armchair - I openly call it the ugly chair as I neither like style nor material nor colour. the quilt had been pieced, sandwiched and quilted for the last 6 months, waiting patiently (what else can a quilt do really?) on the 'to be finished' pile next to the sofa - which is by the way also a great cat bed as well as a fabulous attractor of dust bunnies and various other dirt that accumulates in the lounge. This morning I finally managed to get it DONE!

An older accumulation of various black, white, red and greys; the kitty fabric ended up becoming my feature fabric
Some new additions to above
Various blocks...
... some more...
... and more...
... a combination of blocks to date...
... another week done...
... blanket stitched appliqué blocks - not my favourite...
... more pieced blocks - phew!
... another combination
I wanted to achieve a similar effect to 'Throwing'
All rows pieced together
Completed flimsy
This is 'the chair' so I chose polar fleece instead of batting + backing for my quilt
Quilted with (more or less) parallel lines around the triangle blocks (using quilting ruler) and wiggly lines in the side borders
Lots of threads to bury as usual!
And here is the back
Finally finished - 
- and 'in situ'!

There's enough fabrics and blocks left to cover the foot stool, too - eventually...

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Progress on Giant Panda Quilt

On Tuesday Suzanne & I went for a little shopping trip, and now I can continue the Giant Panda Quilt:
Completed fpp inner...

... with first border

Auditioning border options...

...neither seem right

An IG conversation helped...

Giant Panda Quilt in the wild lol (on the washing line last night)...

62” square so far - another (2x) 11” to go :)

Happy Sewing!!!