Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Feathers and more feathers

And I think they are looking pretty nice even if I say so myself :-)
I wasn't sure at first if I wanted to stipple behind the feathers - this photo convinced me to do it.

2 down (up), 14 to go :-)
That's what you can get done when you're home with sick kids :-) Actually the feathers are getting a lot easier with time. I suppose I will have feathers out of my system by the time I am finished - or I am forever hooked :-)

Here a few pics from yesterday's trip to Cape Reinga and Te Paki Stream (Giant Sand Dunes) as part of the school camp (DH looked after the sick boys. Update: One will definitely be back at school tomorrow, and about the oldest one we still have to see, type 1 Diabetes and tummy bugs don't seem to mix all that well...). We had the most amazing weather, a last little bit of summer I suppose...
See the tree on the right of that rock in the middle? Legend has it that the spirits of the dead leave from this tree for their journey to Havaiki

Cape Reinga Light House

Taputaputa Bay - one of the nicest beaches in New Zealand just south of Cape Reinga (if it wasn't for the long winding road to get up there...)

There were jelly fish and the kids said they sting! We had some creme in the First Aid Kit...

Smaller sand dune at Te Paki Stream

Medium Sand Dune at Te Paki Stream (I didn't get close enough to the giant ones :-) It's great fun to go down these on a boogie board, but a plastic rubbish sack will do!

Now I better go and google bulk supplies of Gueterman cotton thread, looks like I need quite a bit...

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  1. Have you tried quilting with Aurafil 50wt Cotton? It's delicious, smooth as butter...


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