Monday, 27 February 2012

The dreaded tummy bug is back…

After a lovely weekend – the dreaded tummy bug is back. Middle DS vomited during the night, but at 9y old (!) just cleaned it up and made himself a bed on his sofa without telling us! His oldest brother is also not flash today, so I had to postpone my arrival at school camp to tomorrow.

Our postie had my stitchworks parcel ready when we left for school for the youngest, and this morning I have been cutting and washing, and pegging out and cursing the rain (and baking bikkies and bread). I also finished this little project, my first attempt at the feathers, by turning it into a place mat:

I had to add a strip to the left – just right to try out the QUAYG instructions from Quilting Edge
The backing fabric is NZ landscape but not my favourite colour way – my garden looks different!
Detail of the feather on the side – the binding chopped some plumes off unfortunately. The stippling is larger in scale than the one in yesterday’s post, worked much better.

Weather improved after lunch time which means the washing - incl. my fabrics - dried again nicely, and I couldn’t resist skipping more practice for working on the real thing, and I am quite proud of the result:
Stitch in the ditch around the squares – next time I will cross my lines over! – plus feathers in the white parts. Not sure if I will stipple yet or not.
Again I went with Leah Day’s matching threads on top and bottom, quite obvious on the back, but at least the details are visible on the pics!
I’ll keep on feathering…


  1. Monika - I love your feathers. Excellent work. Sorry to hear your boys are not well - it's horrible when they're ill. Hope they get back to full health soon :)

  2. The stipple makes such a big difference in making the feather design pop - I think it will depend how much impact you want the feathers to make, also how heavy and stiff you want the finished quilt to be. I have never, ever stippled - it may be something I need to look at practicing :0)

  3. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my feathers Monika....I appreciate it.....yours are fantastic!!


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