Saturday, 7 April 2012

Making progress

Firstly, apologies for the funny editing incl. photos out of order and / or repeated. My work laptop which I usually use for blogging has gone to laptop hospital so I am using the iPod / iPad blogger app instead and it's just not quite the same sorry!!!

Good Friday brought sunshine finally, so DH, two DSs and I started tidying up the garden. We deheaded some of the agapanthus along the driveway and got a whole compost bin full! DH has been building a dam to give us a large pond at 'the bog' aka stream, and I even helped him nail the bridge together!

In the afternoon I had done enough of a good deed and retired to my sewing room where I made some progress on my niece's quilt. I'm pleased with it so far, it has come together better than I thought. I managed to deal with the partial seams though I yet have to understand the pattern to it; every time I ended with a y seam I simply undid it and started from the other end, and somehow it all went together! I am pleased too with how my left overs are disappearing...
For today I plan to cut 2 1/2" squares from the remaining leftovers which I'll piece one row for a border on the sides and multiple rows for the top and bottom (will see how many I end up with). There is enough room to do a white strip top or bottom onto which I'll applique her name I think, plus some more hearts, flowers etc.
For the back I bought some material the other day which has an all over quilting type pattern printed - maybe I should follow that pattern, from the back?! But what would I do with the applique, or do the quilting first, then applique and blanketstitch over the top of the quilting?!? Any advice much appreciated!

First I'll have to do some cleaning though - at least the boys are happy as I rented them an xbox360 kinnect plus games from the videoshop :)

Happy Easter!

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