Sunday, 4 December 2011

Quite addictive...

I have to admit, I find those log cabin blocks quite addictive. I have not quite completed 8 of them now, and I find myself wondering if I should really just have 2 x 4 blocks between the dino panels?

What might happen if I made it three or four rows, would the darks come out more or the lights? Well, knowing me, by the time I have made 8 more I will probably be sick of it and happy I am done, but already I have been contemplating using this for a quilt moving through the colours of the rainbow hmmm...
Here just a rough shot of the planned layout:
Obviously still photographically challenged, I have turned it right side up and saved it, but it won't let me display it - must be some ghost it the machine?!?
It has been absolutely pouring today, great for the water tanks, the garden, the pool, but now it's enough thank you, so hopefully tomorrow when I haven't got time to quilt the sun will come back out again!!!

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  1. Looking good! Once you've made as many as you need to for Plan A, have a bit of a play and see if Plan B, or even C is more to your liking. Then at least you'll know how it looks, and whether you can be bothered to sew any more. I also quite enjoy log cabins - they're a bit mindless, but the effect is so great.


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