Thursday, 1 December 2011

Introducing Mortimer

Not a stack'n'whack but still a fairly (...) straightforward project - phewww! The worst problem was using Mystifuse without the right tools I believe. I started fusing it between two sheets of baking paper but found it hard to peel one of them off to fuse to the fabric, so Instead I fused Mystifuse to the fabric with baking paper backing - duh, now I had trouble tracing the template through (bulb in light box broken, haven't found a replacement when I last looked at the shops...). Photocopied the template, cut and taped the 'bits', attached to baking paper side of fabric - this was now ready to cleanly come off the fabric (could have done wihtout that...). Got there in the end, as a result have heaps of fabric backed with Mystifuse left over, but now I have it all fused to the background and appliqued. I decided for raw edge for the turtle itself in the end, I found the original blanketstitch too - hmmm fuzzy?? Kept that for the corals though. Now I have to get rid of a million thread ends, add a few decorative lines in the water and the corals and bond it - voila one very quick project :-) I hope he'll like it in the end! Photos will be uploaded asap. Might have to make another one to use up that leftover fabric??? Oldest DS suggested to turn it into centre for a maritime quilt...
QUESTION: Why does Mystifuse not come paper backed? What do I need to use it like paper backed fusible web? Does a teflon sheet help????? Any advice much appreciated, I really like the feel of it but I wish I would have had less hassle and waste!!!!
Isn't he adorable? I will tend to those thread tails soon
Close up after fusing before quilting


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