Sunday, 20 November 2011

Gosh, time flies! Already the 20th, and I don't feel I have made much progress on anything (well, definitely not on cleaning that's for sure!)
Here in the southern hemisphere summer is on the way of course, so I have spent considerable time outside weeding and weeding and weeding some more... My veggie garden is looking nice, hubby has had to eat tons of radishes already (no one else in pur family likes them) thanks to my lovely neighbour's advice to buy some Quash anti snail pellets. Never since coming to NZ have I had such success with peas and carrots etc! Can thoroughly recommend it, because it claims to be not poisonous to anything or anyone else.
In the meantime, our local P & I Show in Waimate North has come and gone, and I found myself proudly in company of Miss Lottie and Suz winning third in the Patchwork over 40cm square section with the Reverse Applique and second in the under 40cam square with my Journal Quilt "One" (sorry, can't remember who got first). I proudly laminated the little tickets together with my kids' Cool Kids Awards from school (they get them for being noted doing sth. well)- they matched in size and in colour:-)
Yesterday while many braved the Kerikeri Half Marathon, Suz and I went childless (!!!) to Carolyne at the PowerQuilter for long overdue retail therapy. Not only did we have a great time, I finalised my ideas on quilting and applique for the tesselation quilt and I also bought some more bits to go with my youngest boy's new Dinosaur Quilt.
He has always been a 'cold baby' and even now sleeps under a snuggle blanket, a duvet and a big flannel backed sampler - my first quilt ever. Unfortunately, this last one is very heavy, so too often he ends up in my bed at night, cold like an icicle, because he couldn't pull the quilt back up. Hopefully this new quilt will solve the problem. I might look for some brushed cotton to back it with, but definitely keep it light. Unfortunately the panel he chose is an akward size with not enough space around the dinosaurs to use as seam allowance. Luckily I bought two of the panels, so I plan to use the second panel to applique the cut off dino head on top, possibly making it a bit 3d - I haven't tried this before, so will see how it goes. The rest of the quilt will be made up from log cabin blocks, I have only ever made wonky ones (on purpose!), but this time I plan to do the real thing incl. dark & light etc. Well, that's the plan at least, after all I had that Marty Mitchell book for about 6 years now!
Lastly, today I finally 'buried' my dream of getting into weaving for the time being, a friend of my mothers picked up the humonguous floor weaving loom I had sitting in the garage. It looks rather empty in there now - for about a week our kind friend suggested, then we will have found sth. else to put in there (well, he's probably right lol!). Well, in return his wife and I will get his teenage daughter hooked on quilting xoxo

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