Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Slow learner...

I just had a major revelation tonight. Lately I have had issues with tension and missing stitches while fmq with my Pfaff spring fmq foot (that's actually the only one I am using nowadays). It had started at the end of summer while working on "Frei" and in the end I even took the machine to get looked at but it magically disappeared.
I returned to work on my DP4 now called Summer all year long and had lots of trouble - put it down to wrong thread weight, got more of the original thread weight but it wasn't resolved. I played around with thread tension - better but not perfect. I changed to a metallic needle hm not really different. Tonight I rumaged through my various boxes on my (very dirty!) windowsill and found some more Universal needles. I put a new 70/10 in and voila things just worked!!! I managed to fmq another oven mitt without missing stitches, then moved over to the D4P - barely skipped any stitches!
Of course I have read many times to change your needles but I have never paid much attention. I usually change a needle when it's bent or breaks - not any more!!! But is there a reliable way to tell when the needle needs changing? Please let me know!!!

Below some quick snap shots - close ups of DP4 feathers with and without issues and the oven mitt. Please excuse the quality, just some quick shots on the iPad, I couldn't wait to reveal my new revelation (and with that my being a slow learner lol) to the world!!!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Weren't we having a conversation about changing needles at the Saturday stitch and chat?! That's so funny! I change my needle once a week or so if I'm stitching every day. If it goes thunk thunk thunk as it hits the fabric you've left it too long!


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