Saturday, 22 June 2013


Just  three more days at work before our big holiday - first time ever taking the boys to Germany (the oldest one had his first birthday over there but that barely counts as he can't remember!). First time back for us in 12 years, too! We have gotten through most of the preparations without too much hassle, eventually found a fellow quilter to house sit - yay for Donna!, some bills still need to be paid, the car park at the airport booked, about half the packing is done, I have even dropped off my big Pfaff for a service! Now it's just getting through the next 3 days at work - thanks goodness my laptop needs sending in for some much needed TLC so I can't possibly be working until midnight on Wednesday!

Work has been especially busy as I have tried to squeeze 10 weeks work into 7 1/2 weeks so quilting has once again taken a step back. I still have to reply to the lovely comments from the last little while (another thing to add to the to-do-list..), but just to give you a little update, "Mended Heart" has been sent off, the Sewing Circle Tote become my steady companion at work as it nicely fits iPads, gadgets, papers, books, laptop, extension lead, speakers - it's simply bottomless!, and I have even constructed a few more Firework blocks!

I had the best intentions of completing my fmq feathers on "Summer all year long" but my Pfaff was not amused and threw one hissyfit after the other even with new needles so I have given in and sent it off to the service. In the meantime I have pieced some more of my Tokyo Subway, of the two June ones I have block 11 almost done which takes me half way there, and if I get around to it I might cut a few more black squares to also get block 20 done - once you have them set out, piecing does not take all that long.
I have taken worse photos - but not many! Might look better f you step ten paces back and squint?
There won't be many updates from me until early August, but if you are interested to see what we are up to, head on over here which is my attempt at getting my boys to keep in touch with their friends and get some 'school work type stuff' done - 5 weeks is a loonnnggg time!

Stay warm and happy sewing!

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  1. Thought you'd been a bit quiet lately, now I know why, you've been working and packing. Have a great time and 5 weeks will fly by.


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