Saturday, 4 May 2013

General update

Third post today - whoot-whoot! Well, I had sort of saved them up, but I better get off here soon before DH returns from work and finds the house just as messy as he left it this morning (probably worse...). I have not been completely useless today though, this morning I made the discovery how to combine my Craftsy classes and exercise: Take iPad mini with Craftsy app and with the help of a book prop it up where the exercycle display thingy-ma-bob is and you can watch your Cratsy class while exercising. Clever, aye?

What have I been up to? The "Seasons of" quilt safely out the way I had to get my head back to other UFOs:

I attempted to work on the D4P but found that the 40wt white Aurifil did not want to play with the 50wt. Signature in the bobbin so I have just order some more 50wt Aurifil as earlier this year they had worked together just fine. For now I just rolled it into a big ball and returned it to it's place on top of the filing cabinet :-)

Tokyo Subway Map: I had not gotten around to April's blocks (16 and 17), so I have now laid them out ready to piece. Suz, what blocks are we going to do for May? Lucky Todd already has put his top together!

Birthday Love Stash: It has been raining and even thundering when I got up, so no use in thinking about doing a tidy in the garden or the washing... just an excuse I know, but any excuse will do! Today I just wanted to get something small done so I made these two oven mitts to take with us to Germany this winter. I have 6 more to do, better start a production line on them...

one from the front, one from the back and yes, the right one is smaller, it's coincidence, that fq must have been smaller

I used 3 fqs - one for each of the mitts and one for both the pockets. Not much left over :-)
These are following the same idea as the ones I made last year, for example here. I quilted the left one with all over feathers, the right one with Angela Walter spirals.

What's the plans for May?
  • Finish the Sewing Circle Tote
  • Complete the remaining 6 ovenmitts
  • Complete the quilting on the D4P (and finally come up with a name!!!)
  • Start working on Firework again (due in August - but might have to make that 2014??)
I better get that vacuum cleaner out first though :-)

Happy Sewing!

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