Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Quiltlet Greeting Cards

I visited Catherine Parkinson's blog the other day, she is a very clever and creative person! On this post she talks about making quiltlets from leftovers. As I had just finished Pastellation this was an ideal chance to use up scraps and spend some more time with my long suffering DH who is sick of my hiding behind my sewing machine for hours on end while still doing some sewing :-)

For a trial I made three simple quiltlets and mounted these on cardstock tonight. It was a fair bit of trial and error, but there is potential - what do you think?

Points to consider: Size; binding - on the quiltlet only (jandals) or around the quilt and the card (feather), how to mount to the card (in all cases I stitched them on the card at some point.


  1. How funny that I should pop over to see your blog at the time you write this post. A few years back I used to make fabric postcards and ATCs for swaps with people all over the world. They sure were a fun way to try out techniques in miniature. The postcards were 6" x 4" and the ATCs were 2.5" x 3.5". Instead of a backing fabric when quilting, I would use a thick interfacing, then add the cardboard backing with a piece of bondaweb or heat'n'bond (press from the cardboard side, no steam!) The card needs to be thin, like binder dividers. I bound a couple of the postcard sized ones, but generally I did a close zig-zag around the edges so that one side of the zig went off the card edge and the other through all layers.

    There are loads of tutorials online for fabric postcards to give you some ideas :)

  2. They look great. I love the feather stitching it is really nicely done. The gold edging is nice too. :)


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