Friday, 28 September 2012


It's finished :-) and despite the very murky weather I took some outside photographs ready to send off for the exhibition entry. It was quite interesting to have to come up with an artist's statement and to name the quilt - we'll see if that helps or hinders my entries! Here are some of the pics I am sending off:

It's hard to find a decent space to take photos!
A bit closer...

Close up of the centre
Half the quilt - right side is the top

Close up of the back

More of the back


and that one again

More details

Even more

and that's it on the bed :-)
And while I am at it, here are some pics of the other entry, my QD9, which I have now named "To the Power of Four" as a play on the word Quadruple :-)

Now to think about what I am doing next - hmmmm I'm sure there some UFOs lurking somewhere...

Very pleased with having this finally finished, so linking this up with Leah's UFO Sunday and I blogged about it on Sew it's Finished where you can find several hundred completed UFOs :-)


  1. And people always ask me how many quilts I have for my own bed... maybe I should tell them to ask you!! Good luck with the entry.

  2. Not a bad space to photograph quilts. And isn't it a great feeling to have finished a quilt and be able to ponder what to do next?

  3. 2 beautiful quilts! Your quilting is great! Congrats!

  4. I really love your "to the power of 4" quilt. Beautiful quilting too.

  5. Wow! I love both of your quilts and am in awe of your quilting skills. Great job!


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