Sunday, 28 October 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival

Amy is hosting the Fall Blogger's Quilt Festival and lots of the blogs I read have entered - so I thought I will try, too :-)
This is one of my favourites I have completed over the last few months - the portarait of my middle DS who recently turned 10!
I vaguely followed a technique I saw in Quiltings Arts several years ago - turning a photograph into greyscale on the computer and then layering different shades of one colour, fusing them as you go. The fabric is silk chiffon I have hand painted. I used mystifuse to fuse the layers together, raw edge appliqued around the the different pieces and free-motion stitched clouds in the background. This is the third of three similar portraits I made, one for each of my sons, and it represents his character as he is a very cuddly, gentle child who likes to daydream :-) - and orange is his favourite colour! Size is 14"x11". I am entering it under Wall Hanging and Art Quilt.Here you can see my original post.

Apart from this, I have been busy on a secret project, it involves a pattern "There's a Square in There" by Kate Conklin and these fabrics:
Suz and I will come to the big smoke aka Auckland on Friday so I hope I will pick up more of a cream I have just not quite enough and fabrics for the back which is also pieced. I have been thinking about the quilting Kate recommends, tossing it up with Judi's Feather Swirls what do you think?

I had so many lovely comments to my last post and not gotten around to replying yet - apologies, I will do that very very soon - I really appreciate you visiting and commenting!

Happy sewing!


  1. I quite like the hand quilting on the original quilt - although I've never done it - it looks pretty easy and quick. You do it first and let me know 8-)

  2. Very nice, would like to try this techique!

  3. Gorgeous - something to treasure forever.

  4. The quilt of your son is AMAZING!!

  5. Ooh, I've wanted to try this! Great motivation to give it a go! Congratulations!

  6. Such a sweet quilt! Really interesting technique you describe! I was actually drawn to it first because the portrait looks a lot like my son, who also likes orange.....

  7. This is such a sweet quilt and will definitely be one to cherish! Great job!


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