Friday, 19 October 2012

Two finishes and some learning

I take a lot of my photos with my cellphone which has reasonable quality (it's the lack of skill of the photographer that's the issue!). Tonight I couldn't find my cable to connect it to the laptop to download the pics for the blog so I learnt to 'bluetooth' them from the phone to the laptop - very cool :-)

Lovely Suz gave my recent birthday boy some lovely material so last Saturday I made him a new and bigger backpack:
quilting inspired by the Craftsy Class with Angela Walter

from the front, with two pockets

The luxury version - with divider and pockets inside

and from the back!
DS is VERY happy!!!!! DH was equally happy when after about 6 hours the backpack was finished lol

My blog followers or those of you that visit every now and then might know that I am also on the "Sew It's Finished" blog - a lovely group of quilters trying to get through their pre-2012 UFOs. I am very proud through how much I have gotten, it's a great feeling to get these 'cold cases' resolved! The biggest incentive for me is the BOM Wendy and Dawn, who run the blog, design and then send out to everyone who has finished at least one piece in that month. I have managed to complete 16 pieces to the end of September, some small ones but also two very big quilts, and after I received my latest BOMs, I just had to get sth. else finished - which is getting quite hard now, because I have finished more than I thought I would ever achieve!
Size is approx 12"x18"

some of the details

King Tut thread on the flames was a nightmare, kept on breaking - I will stick to Aurifil for future purchases, but at the moment I am using up what I have

and details again :-)
What else is going on? Today I received a lovely parcel wrapped up by Raewyn from The Country Yard with some gorgeous cream and lots of fqs for a secret project. They had done a marvellous job trying to match them to an online picture of my feature fabric. These additions to my secret project have allowed me to match some more my existing stash with it, so I can make a start on it....

This weekend is a long weekend for us here in New Zealand, Monday is Labour Day, and while the boys' swimming starts up again tomorrow at the inconveniently late time of 11 and 11:30 respectively, at least I get to sleep in :-) DH works Saturday and Sunday but we'll all be able to have time together on Monday. What are you up to this weekend? I should be cleaning, weeding and putting potatoes in the garden, but I can hear my sewing room calling already...

Happy Sewing!


  1. That backpack is great! I don't think I'd have the patience to tackle something like that. And yay for all your finishes. Maybe I should figure out an incentive for myself - like for every finish I get to buy a metre of fabric ;)

  2. I love both of your projects! The fabric you chose for the backpack is darling.

  3. The backpack is really great!

  4. Very cool backpack, I'm impressed that you were able to make it in a day! I also really like the modern mini quilt.

  5. the back pack is great! so is the mini quilt:) You can always email your phone pictures to yourself(provided you have email set up on your phone and computer) and transfer them that way. Just another option;)

  6. What gorgeous quilting you do! And getting through those UFOs makes you feel so good!

  7. The detail on your little quilt is AMAZING! I wish I could do something as lovely as that one day.
    Our Griffin starts swimming tomorrow too.

  8. I love the art quilt, which is wondrous. I'm working my skills levels towards the point where I can concentrate on some art quilting, but like you I'm trying to get some things finished first.

  9. Love the Angela Walter's design! I also have some of that number fabric in yellow. Love it! And the quilt is gorgeous! I'd love to get a surprise like that in the mail too!


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