Sunday, 9 September 2012

Still tesselating...

Tesselating pinwheels must be one of those patterns that make every non-quilter shake their head: Why would you cut fabric into (80) squares, piece these together, add a border and then cut this back into different squares (99) which you then piece back together?? I have to admit, it sounds pretty mental and it has taken quite some time to get four of these lots completed. The pieced backings took time, too, and now I have decided to take the tesselating a step further, using 2 1/2" squares to make a strip of pinwheels in the sashing - by the time this quilt is finished I should have pinwheels well and truly out of my system! (see pics below)
Apart from that:
Work is continuing to go well, and last week I found out that a colleague is a fellow quilter :-)
The weather is slowly improving, I am feeding the chooks puha and other weeds I am riping out of the veggie garden (waist high!) which they are thanking me with today 4 eggs from 9 hens - we are making progress! I have also started attacking the black mould on the patio etc. with the water blaster - thank goodness that's a once a year job!
On Thursday I joined the troups for craft sessions with the Kerikeri primary kids - so cute!!!
On Friday I celebrated my big birthday with family over coffee / cake and a lovely dinner at the Thai restaurant (yum!). I got spoilt rotten with a humongous Quilting Arts collection, a book, a CD and a voucher for a 1h facial - ahhhhh!!!!! That afternoon I also swore my allegiance to the Queen, so my next passport will have a silver fern on black ;-)

I better mark and cut some more of my mini pinwheels (1 5/8" cut pieces)... But there's light at the end of the tunnel: I would really like to have this completed before the 1 Oct deadline for the big quilt exhibition in Auckland so my DD9 doesn't get lonely when I submit it for entry (by photo) lol... Here's to wishful thinking!


  1. It will look amazing and worth all the blood, sweat and tears.

  2. Wow! You are a braver woman than I am. They'd have to put me on anxiety pills to conquer that thing! Your doing an amazing job and almost there. Congratz on our progress and courage ;)

  3. Those blocks look darn difficult!
    Well done of nutting them out and actually doing them.
    It's looking gorgeous!


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