Saturday, 25 August 2012

Fending for themselves

That's what my poor neglected children have to do this weekend :-) With a little (a lot!) of help from family, my new toy has arrived yesterday! I am thoroughly enjoying myself testing it - albeit on top not inside my sewing table as it is considerably bigger that my old machine so DH will have to make some alterations.
Since my last post I have finished my old job, been to the snow, trout fly fishing and rock wall climbing (well, support - morale and physical- for the latter two), have started my new job (thoroughly enjoyed my first three days) and gone back to my old school for my one day / week (I haven't had as many hugs in a day ever, seems the students missed me lol).
There are three washing baskets of washing to fold and put away, the dog hasn't been fed, bread needs making, I need to shoot up to Suz for a missing ingredient for dinner but obviously my priorities are with my
new toy - I better get back to it!


  1. There is NOTHING like a new sewing machine!

    I hope she behaves well and for a very long time.

    I got a new Husquvarna and have had no end of trouble with it, which is sad.

  2. Wishing you a long and fruitful relationship with your new toy!

  3. That is one impressive new 'toy' !! I bet you have fun with it.

    RE your comment on Sew It Finished... how clever of you to spot the dog looks like our dogs! YES, it is similar to our Teddy.


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