Sunday, 23 September 2012

I changed my mind - and changed it again

I had a lovely day yesterday traveling with Suz and 3 of our combined 5 kids (beautifully behaved!) down to The Country Yard west of Whangarei to get some more fabric for the border. Everybody was so lovely and helpful and instead of more peach I came away with a nice purpley Moda Marble as well as some other little goodies and heaps of great advice. In the city I also bought a Brother spring fmq foot which with a little Kiwi/German ingenuity now fits my machine - made all the difference to my fmq, I can see where I am going and thread break has been minimal now!
Today I went about adding my purple border, but it just didn't look right, though yesterday I was convinced it was perfect. So back I went through my leftovers, and with a lot of mathematical juggling I ended with peach all around, and then white-yellow-white for the 3 drops - pheww, just enough! I am very happy with the final choice of colours now.
I have gathered the remaining leftovers for the backing of the borders to be pieced tomorrow. The beautiful purple will become part of this as well as the binding.
As for quilting, I will put feathers on the peach again to go with the inner of the quilt, and I bought some variegated pastel yellow Aurifil which I will use to crosshatch across the white-yellow-white.
If I'm superspeedy with the binding, I could get it done before 1 October?!
Well, here's to wishful thinking ;-)


  1. Looks great! October 1?! Good luck! I think you can do it, even if it's cutting it close.

  2. Sometimes it's not until you cut it up and really look at the result, you realize it's not what you want. I'm sure it happens to everyone (whether they admit it or not!) The clock is ticking...

  3. Funny how we can change our opinions of what will look good in a quilt in just one day! I do that too. I think you CAN meet your deadline!


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