Sunday, 12 August 2012

Lumi Inkodye

And yet another wet weekend is over! Still pouring with rain though, hubby won't like that, he's off to night shift in a couple of hours... It's been a busy week, I have finished my f/t teaching job and with it the mountains of paperwork - reports, certificates of achievement, grades, anecdotal notes, reflections etcetc phew!
This weekend then we had to pack as middle DS and I are geading down to the snow with his school next week :-) By all accounts it will be COLD (I obviously have gone soft from living in the NZ Far North for 15 years!)- and then there's the little added problem of Mt. Tongariro erupting once last weekend. So far nothing has happened since, ski fields are open so we're still on! Luckily I hold the camera so won't appear in many pics, must be almost 20 years and at least 20kg since I last skied, I might be quite a sight - not!
My new machine is on the way from Germany due to the generous help from family - might even arrive by next weeken ready to be tried out :-) I went for the Pfaff after all, keeping my fingers crossed it will do what I want it to do.
In the meantime I have started working on a quilt for an ex-colleague, using the idea from Janet on what comes next. At this stage I am making a whole lot of blocks (80?), once I have exact measurements I will add sashings (probably in white). I am tempted to use QAYG due to likely size, we'll see.
Lastly, my hubby just saw sth. about Inkodye by Lumi on tv - Looks very interesting, does anyone know a bit more about this?
Have a good week everyone!

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