Friday, 3 August 2012

Another week is over - tgif!

Just one more week f/t teaching! A colleague mentioned today that I looked a lot less stressed lol I have to say I had a good week, calluses on my finger tips from playing bass for class bands, square eyes from writing heaps of reports but I know 'the end is near' ;-). After next week I could be utterly sick of playing "Soul Sister" by Train, but it is a cool song and the kids can play it. We've also been dabbling with "Don't forget your roots" by the NZ band Six60 today - do look them up sometime, some of our homegrown Kiwi talent.
Due to all this my sewing has suffered a bit, but I managed to try out some new feather Suz had forwarded me a link for which she had in turend from Leeanne from quiltmekiwi blog  - is some seriously cool quilting on this blog!
I am still working through the possibility of that new machine, see last post, so any advice is still much appreciated!
Happy Sewing Weekend!

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  1. You'll have to thank Leeanne for the link - she's my FMQ website undercover agent. Looks like a successful experiment!


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