Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Venus Quilt

(Copied from IG)

Starting the New Year the way I finished it, playing with fabrics:

When your best buddy @suzjob1 sends you IG posts with intriguing quilts like in this case from @eyecandyquilts and you end up cutting up bits’n’bobs on NYE :) another IG rabbit hole I seem to have fallen into 🤣
Given that curved seams are a tad fiddly, I doubt this will go beyond baby quilt size though.
It took a while to cut all my pieces (necessary in this case as I wanted to spread the fabrics around) - probably not helped by the fact I cut 30% more green than I need 🙄

The blocks go together surprisingly easy. I couldn’t resist to piece the first four together 🥰

I’m aiming for baby quilt size, always good to have one ready when a friend has a baby.

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