Monday, 5 September 2011

Starting out

I think we're all on our little (or big?) journey, sometimes the destination is clear, sometimes it's The Great Unknown! This is me starting out into the Blogosphere where I want to document my Quilting Journey.
How did it all begin? 500 (or so) years ago I was a skinny little thing and my mum, a very creative and crafty person, used to sew clothes for me and my sister. I had already talked her into teaching me to knit and learnt basics of sewing. I knitted, gave crotchet ago without much success, eventually learnt to spin and felt. With the arrival of the firstborn, time became more precious. After the birth of the second I became friends with a wonderfully creative person (you know who you are!!!) who introduced me to patchwork and quilting - and life has never quite been the same since! A stint in Hamilton when the youngest was still a toddler led me to Grandmother's Garden and a beginner's course; much money has been spent at various fabric stores since :) My long suffering family put up with threads, lint and pins and at times get rewarded with creations they requested.
A gift subscription introduced me to Quilting Arts and I have been fascinated since by 'new' approaches to quilting. However, life has long since caught up with me, I am working full-time and my sewing room is my luxury retreat from reality where I sneak away from the "mum, he hit me", "mum, I'm hungry" or "what are we having for dinner?".

My intention is to post every other week or so to keep myself on task. If anyone else is interested in my ramblings - great! - and any advice and feedback is much appreciated!

Let the journey begin...

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