Sunday, 11 September 2011

Against the Odds

This started as a bundle of Fat Quarters I got from mum (who blogs as Felting Annie) for Christmas - not my usual bright batiks but oriental looking prints. I found a beautiful sari I was given by another Annie the Christmas before but had stopped wearing (oh to be a NZ size 10 again...). Add a pattern I had wanted to try out for some time (Splashes of Colour), and with Carolyn's closing down sale, the missing bits and pieces became more affordable. The project grew some momentum when I had time off work with an awful cold - all of a sudden it all started coming together and voila - here it is! [except this time the laptop doesn't want to let me upload the pictures! I'm working on it...]

Why 'Against the Odds'? The two Annies share being artists and raising challenging teenagers.Felting Annie has said on more than one occasion "I often wondered if anything will ever become of them", and the other Annie has supplied me with wonderful coffees and afternoon teas when I used to visit her and her teenager at least once every month to get him through his schooling. And guess what: Felting Annie's challenging teenagers have grown up and are successful in what they are doing, and Annie's teenager finished his secondary qualifications and has gone off to study :-)

This is to remind me that no matter how dire it looks, things will fall into place against the odds, just like this quilt did :-)

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