Friday, 18 January 2019

Second Finish (no batiks lol)

Last year I jumped on the #berninazenchicqal to make a cover for DH's new-to-him armchair - I openly call it the ugly chair as I neither like style nor material nor colour. the quilt had been pieced, sandwiched and quilted for the last 6 months, waiting patiently (what else can a quilt do really?) on the 'to be finished' pile next to the sofa - which is by the way also a great cat bed as well as a fabulous attractor of dust bunnies and various other dirt that accumulates in the lounge. This morning I finally managed to get it DONE!

An older accumulation of various black, white, red and greys; the kitty fabric ended up becoming my feature fabric
Some new additions to above
Various blocks...
... some more...
... and more...
... a combination of blocks to date...
... another week done...
... blanket stitched appliqué blocks - not my favourite...
... more pieced blocks - phew!
... another combination
I wanted to achieve a similar effect to 'Throwing'
All rows pieced together
Completed flimsy
This is 'the chair' so I chose polar fleece instead of batting + backing for my quilt
Quilted with (more or less) parallel lines around the triangle blocks (using quilting ruler) and wiggly lines in the side borders
Lots of threads to bury as usual!
And here is the back
Finally finished - 
- and 'in situ'!

There's enough fabrics and blocks left to cover the foot stool, too - eventually...

Happy Sewing!

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