Monday, 28 January 2019

Anniversary Weekend

So I fell down the rabbit hole went back to work - loved it but as expected there was no time for sewing. TG for a long weekend, Northland (and Auckland and Bay of Plenty) Anniversary weekend, and I got both some piecing and some quilting done:

Week 12

Week 13

Bonus Block 3: Crosswalk, Waterfront and balcony
I meant to do this in peach, but accidentally started in the next purples on the pile - duh! I'll have to check carefully what blocks are included in week 14, I try to avoid putting same blocks next to each other...

Weeks 1-13 plus the three bonus blocks - I can see a few more yellow, pink and red blocks are in order
The Giant Panda quilt needs approx. 3 more rows of quilting...

Only space large enough to lay it out is the deck now :)
closer up
I better get back to it!
Happy Sewing!

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