Monday, 7 January 2019

Quilt Planner

I have seen various Quilt Planners around the Internet, and while I liked the version from Canoe Ridge Creations, it didn't quite meet my needs. I used hers as the inspiration and made my own one. Rather than making resolutions, which actually worked amazingly well for me in 2018 (despite a lack of blogging), this year I want to make a list of what WIPs I have on the go. I know that I need a variety of projects to keep me interested, some quick-fix instant gratification type stuff, some ongoing projects, some quilting, some piecing etc. So here we go for 2019:

If you find this useful, feel free to download my template here; you are welcome to use and to remix for non-commercial activities.

Some of the other quilting related plans for 2019 include learning how to use the rulers for my Sweet Sixteen better, and getting back into fabric painting/dying - maybe these can score me some new cushion covers for the couch?

Really only these projects on the list yet??? I better go and double-check in my sewing room - don't wait for me, I might get lost there...

Happy Sewing.

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