Saturday, 29 March 2014

Dropped off the face of blog land

Wow, that's just mindboggling, 6 weeks of no blogging and more or less no sewing??? It's about time I give a bit of an update!

1) Uni{que}versal was NOT accepted for AQC. That in itself is alright (though of course I am disappointed), but as I have blogged about it vefore, I won't be able to enter it elsewhere - bugger!

2) Fireworks is close to finished with just one more border requiring pebbling; while I like the resulting effect, I am not pleased with some of my travel stitching - and I am quite over quilting a large quilt, too! I'll have to wash it and see what it looks like then.

3) I have all my bits and bobs together for sandwiching and quilting Tokyo Subway Map, just need to make a start.

4) As you might have seen over on Suz' blog (All the good ones are taken), major fundraising going on at school this year, I made a colouring-in book & crayon bag for a little person, now I just need a book & crayons and some Easter eggs to be ready for Batons up next month.

5) While I haven't started yet, a teddy needs his leg re-attached, middle DS needs a little pouch for his iPad Mini and my MacBook needs a bag, too, hmmmm

While (and because) my work takes up most wake moments, we have made the hard decision to sell our paradise in the country and move into town:
Reality is that mother guilt is biting very hard, my children don't get to do sports or other outside school activities or even just go to friends because their mother woukd have to take them - and I have no time. They can't walk anywhere from here, they can't even get home from school on their own (no bus for one and a 4km walk along a busy highway without any footpaths for another - too dangerous). Now that I have gotten my head around it I am actually looking forward to the idea of walking to the park or a cafe, however, it's been on the market for a few weeks now and there hasn't been any serious interest yet. Four more Open Homes to go (meaning we have to go out every Sat & Sunday...).

We are having some fun though, too, I am playing a bit of music again! A local musican and photographer has organised a 'Meet the Mozarts' concert for next weekend and working towards that has been heaps of fun.

With the usual autumn (sniff, summer is truly over...) gluttony, I have bottled peaches and will start on the feijoas soon. And DH found some Mascarpone mix at the supermarket, so I might even make some of that :)
And in only a few short weeks we'll have a family trip away;)

Work has been stressful and fun, it's been great to extend myself in various ways (content, ways of delivering, size of audience etc.). I'm getting myself involved in more forms of 'blended delivery', e.g. I presented online last weekend for TeachMeetNZ as part of the Festival of Education (live-streamed and recorded). While I can't stand the sound of my recorded voice, I'll dabble in that some more, might give you a taste of it some time;) (for my e-learning blog, visit I've also been interviewed for an article on Minecraft in 'education Aotearoa'! So that's all very cool, there's two conferences next term I would like to be part of, too. I'm very good (!) at self-doubt, so being given these opportunities and receiving positive feedback has been good for my ego and hopefully for further job prospects when this contract finishes at the end of the year - does nothing, though, for MOTHER GUILT!!!

Plans for today? Well, I better finally get up and check that the house is in a ready state for open home (it is clean thanks to Donna!). Washing etc., organise somewhere to go this afternoon (Suz, are you home???). I'll pull out some fabrics for the bags (probably after teddy surgery). What is going on in your part of the world?

Happy Sewing!


  1. Hi Monika

    I think you will be able to enter your quilt for QSM 2015. They have listened to feedback and are adding another theme for previously shown quilts. Details will be in the next newsletter, out sometime in April

  2. What a shame about moving from your lovely house. How does your husband feel about leaving his garden?


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