Sunday, 16 February 2014

And now to the boring part...

Do you get all excited about new projects? Can't wait to get going? Once a project starts dragging on, it gets a bit boring? I think this is the reason why I like making bags. I've thought about it, DH had complained "Why are you making yet another bag?" (see my post here) and I think it's simply the instant gratification of starting and finishing a project in a short period of time. AND you get to use the finished product. AND which girl has enough bags anyway??? Well, I'm going to take my new little bag away with me this coming week and we'll see how it does - maybe I need to make another one soon? lol

Well, with my AQC entry completed I am now up to the boring part also, the waiting to hear if it is accepted of not. After taking 200 odd photos of it over the last few days and more than a few naughty words I finally entered it today: 
Here are a few of the pics:
My biggest issue was taking pictures with enough contrast and in the required size; my point-and-shoot does the right size but not the contrast, and DH's super-duper-flash camera did great pics, but it took me to about pic 197 to figure our how to change the format so I wouldn't have to crop lots left and right and therefore end up with too small a file (you wonder why on earth I work in IT / e-learning, don't you?). Whatever happens, I found Uni{que}versal a home in our entrance where it can take turns with Frei and with Against the Odds.

Now it's back to quilting Fireworks:
A few more bobbins of grey and I am up to the pieced border... Dragging a bit, too... So my mind has started to wander to this: Think looking at your adopted home from the home you grew up in....

Well, I have wasted all morning with the photographs, so I better go and get some work-work done... Oops, did anyone feed the kids???

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Well, I think you've done ok with those photos - knowing how hard it is to photograph white or black quilts!


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