Thursday, 6 February 2014

Burying threads....

There's approximately one gazillion of them - anyone like to help me lol?

One more little detail to add, then on to label and hanging sleeve; might make it with some time to spare before 21 Feb?

Schools are all open again which means the treadmill is starting up (11 visits to schools tentatively planned until end of next week). Today is Waitangi Day, our National Day, and after weeks of dry (not quite drought yet), it started raining last night - yay! One of our two water tanks had run dry last weekend, so that's a much appreciated refill!

On Tuesday Mstr11 started at highschool in y7:

Lots of anxious tears in the morning, but...

much happier after he had met his lovely form teacher and his new class mates!

Hmm, better get dinner organised after hiding in my sewing room all day...

Happy Sewing!


  1. Have you got those easy threading needles from clover? They make the job quicker. Load a podcast or craftsy class and off you go!

  2. Hope you made progress, Monika. The quilt view we see looks fabulous!! Hope the school year goes well for you all :-)

  3. Looks really great Monika... and you'll whip through those thread ends in no time :0)


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