Saturday, 7 July 2012

Quilting under way

Two friends of oldest DS visiting, so all I am needed for is feeding the five boys lol Fantastic, no "Mum I'm bored", "Mum he hit me" etc. Not much longer until I'll have to drop them back, so here are some progress pics of what I did while they played: I filled the green background with a pattern resembling McTavishing, and I've started with my interpretation of Paisleys in the light blue - neither of which I have ever tried before but after a quick little practise following Leah's instructions I'm quite pleased :-) Sorry, the pics are in the wrong order (thanks Blogger iPhone app....), green one supposed to go first, followed by the shot of the light blue backing, then the pink flower. BTW, for the backing for all I dyed some of my white sheeting material with procion dyes :-)


  1. You're having a productive holiday! They look fab! Are you going to put them together, QAYG sytle?

    Thanks for allowing me to use your photos. I haven't been to guild to get feedback yet and won't be going this month. :( Band commitments

  2. Monika, your quilting is fabulous!! These are looking great.


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