Sunday, 8 July 2012

Pebbles and more pebbles

Now I can reveal the 'purpose' behind these pieces, they will be placemats for my mum who had a birthday on Saturday :-) Mum makes beautiful felt pieces and flowers, and middle DS suggested that we choose as motif for the placemats things she likes so I chose four of her felted flowers :-) Rona, the QAYG would have been a good idea, too, might do that another time!

Knowing blogger app's issue with putting photos in order, I better tell you: There'll be a photo of the handdyed blue background, a photo of the completed pink flower with paisleys (I've since figured out that with more loops over the top it would look more like the ones on Leah's website), one of the poppies with pebbles and a closer photo of this from the back.

The pebbles are taking their time, and I can tell when my concentration lapses, traveling over the other stitches becomes less accurate but thank goodness the background fabric is forgiving :-) I've almost run put of grey aurifil cotton for the bobbin, so I might have to move on to the last one soon until I can get more of that thread. For this one I am thinking of Leah's swirls. It's quite funny, a year or so ago when I first came across Leah's site I couldn't imagine where to use her designs leave alone do them but things are starting to fall into place now :-)

I'll keep all the hand stuff for when I go to hospital with oldest DS (week after next - he is getting his insulin pump). I have also promised Suz' DD Nadia a little handpieced ball so I should have enough to keep myself busy :-)


  1. Looking good. amazing how much thread it uses up, huh? Hope everything goes well for the insulin pump.


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