Saturday, 18 February 2012

A quilt for my bed?!

I comleted my 4 sets of four 21 1/4" size QD9s, and now I have the hard choice of what to do with it... It was meant to become a single size quilt for my darling niece Storm when she moves into a big girl's bed, but when I laid out my 16 blocks on my bed, it covered all of my superking size bed.... DH looked at it and said "why don't you put into onto our bed?". Well, it's bright just as we like it, the big white spaces make it look light and summery, it would need a white border around it for the drop (I had to piece a few of the 14 1/2" white blocks because I was running out of white-on-white, so that's a reason to not give it away I suppose). I have thought about the narrow sashing and will keeo this as a second option. But I'll have to buy  the batting and backing (as well as the white for the border/sashing), and the white spaces are still calling for feathers (one big quilt to fmq feathers on...). Damn! I never have complained about (almost) completing a quilt top before!

I used Bonnie Hinter's method of piecing a 9 patch where you chain piece and then don't have all these thread ends sticking out, I wasn't patient enough to clear my sewing table off properly, so this helped keeping the patches in the right place. (My whites were rather thin so I just pressed seams to the darker fabric rather than doing that thing where you fold the four seams around where they meet - if that makes any sense???) My photos are on the laptop, will upload tomorrow. 

Melody of Fiberman just repeated an older post on using facing instead of binding, I might have a look into this to see if this was an option for this quilt - but around a white border I might need some colour (so maybe sashing after all? Will have to audition the choices...).

Too many choices...

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