Sunday, 19 February 2012

More on the QD9 superking size quilt

Here's the promised pics for a start:
Excuse the mess around, and DS No.3 manage to sneak into the shot, too :-) It was actually quite hard to get all of the bed into the shot...
The colours are a bit random, and I am not keen on the placement of that small red square (but I'm not gonna take it out!!!). Sashing strips might be good to keep everything a bit apart.

That's the big white pinwheel you get as a secondary pattern - the ruler is 24 x 6 "...
Conclusions after sleeping on it: It will be QUAYG therefore do the sashing strips. Gives me a chance to learn to fmq feathers on a more manageable size (quite good practise squares I thought lol - I'm not good at doing practises on practise bits I don't get to use...). I am quite likely to not add a border, so the facing option is still on the cards...

One interesting fact I found out during research last night, NZ Superking is 71" x 80" and therefore smaller than the King size 76" x 80" from The Quilter's Pocket Reference Guide [Wikipedia simply knows EVERYTHING]; meaning with 10" drop on 3 sides I look at approx 91" x 90" finished. So if my blocks are 21" finished, I get 84" square, 2" sashings (with or without a border) would easily get me to the right size [Suz, I can hear you giggle already, but I just llloooovveee to know what sizes I end up with ;-)]

I better go and look for some backing now and get myself some cotton batting ordered!

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