Monday, 3 June 2019

#zenstudioqal - Finish #5

Queen's Birthday weekend, winter has started - time for sewing! I'm glad I had posted those goals at the top of the last post, I almost forgot about them 😮. They were:

Plans for the next six weeks or so:
  1. Finish #zenstudioqal in time for baby shower (date tbc)
  2. Continue piecing #patchworkcity2018 when blocks are posted
  3. Continue piecing Rainbow at Sea
  4. Finish #scrappyappliquequiltalong
  5. try to not fall into too many other rabbit holes!
I'm happy to report that 1) #zenstudioqal is finished and will be handed over at the work baby shower this coming Friday :) (I'll be teaching at that time, but someone will hand it over on my behalf). I'm really happy with how it turned out, I just LOVE Malka Dubrawsky's Simple Marks of summer line 💕. It wasn't easy to document the quilting from the front, so there are a lot of photos from the back:

I've posted this one before...
... and that one...
Using the shapes created by the blocks as inspiration (thanks, Suzanne 😘)
Straight-line quilting (ruler) in the 'negative' space
Using the 60deg angle as inspiration for the quilting in the border:
Again I'm using my rulers but keeping it varied to stay true to the nature of the fabric line.
Seems overexposed (can you even do that with digital photography?!) but shows up the quilting nicely
Finished: Texture in the winter afternoon sun...
... borders and faux-piping binding...
... and from the back :)
2) #patchworkcity2018 on IG has been sitting at block 17 for a while, with my three bonus blocks my personal count is 20 (of 30 I hope to make). This is a little mockup I created on Pic Collage a few weeks back:

The cream lines between the blocks have since been replaced with black sashing.
To get back into the swing of things, I will make a list of the blocks in the book I have not used yet and start making more bonus blocks until Joe @manhandledthreads is ready to post more in the actual SAL.

Yesterday I finally got back to my 3) Rainbow at Sea quilt, just quietly plugging along with sewing more FPP blocks to piece into the larger blocks. There is still lots of blocks to go on this project, but by breaking it down into the individual parts, the task seems a little less daunting.

I also pulled my 4) #scrappyappliquequiltalong back out, added more swirls to the background quilting. It's been several weeks so I forgot what tension I had set for the invisible thread in the top. I ended up with a few small spots of funny tension that I ripped out but overall the aqua batik is quite forgiving to the invisible thread - grey bobbin combo.

On the 5) don't fall into another IG rabbit hole: I have been tempted more than once, but so far work has been keeping me far too busy to seriously contemplate getting into anything else!

So here are my next 6 week goals:

  1. Finish #scrappyappliquequiltalong (quilt, bind, hanging sleeve)
  2. Piece more #patchworkcity2018 bonus blocks
  3. Continue piecing Rainbow at Sea quilt
  4. Continue quilting Metro Rings quilt

That gives me two goals for piecing and two for quilting, one of them 'finishable' and all the others likely to remain WIP for some time to come. I better don't go looking for rabbit holes on IG...

Happy Sewing!


  1. Woohoo! Great progress on last times goals, and great goal setting. I'll try to stop sending you those rabbit hole links 😇😈

    1. Please don't stop sending them, trips to Wonderland make life much more interesting 🐰🐱


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