Friday, 2 November 2012

Soaked and Stoked

I have been lucky enough to have a very short working week so I turned my attention to my very neglected housework. You see, as many times as I joined FlyLady I have fallen off the wagon. However, for the last week or so I have been cleaning windows from the inside FlyLady style, on average one room / day, and now there's only my sewing room left! (apart from the garage but that's a different story) So yesterday I started on the outside with my big telescopic brush, hooked up to the hose... why does it have to be so hard??? Water squirting everywhere, I washed not only the windows but also the downpipes, gutter, soffit, fascia and walls (on purpose - but then I don't know how you couldn't with the weight of that brush wiggling all over the place)! No wonder I only do this once in a blue moon, I ended up drenched on an overcast day - and that was only a quarter of the way around! I'll have to do the FlyLady 'do a little bit at a time' method on this one, too!
I can feel my shoulders (old age...) but luckily it isn't too bad as Suz and I are off today to the big smoke completely childless (after we drop them off at school) to go to the Festival of Quilts and then Northart for the opening of the Big Quilts exhibition! The Festival of Quilts, formerly Calico Christmas, is the big Auckland Quilt Exhibition, on this weekend only. The Northart Exhibition runs 3-23 November.
I am absolutely stoked about the lovely comments I've been getting about my entry for the Blogger's Festival - voting is now open, so please go and have a look and vote for your favourites on
If you can't decide, 339 is mine :-)
I leave you with the first block of another secret project, working title 'firework' which (roughly) follows the carthwheel pattern from freshlypieced.
Happy Sewing!

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