Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Lorax is finished

I finished the Lorax quilt, machine bound it, tended to the stray thread ends and washed and dried it. I have just handed it over to middle DS' teacher for their fundraising for the ski trip, but not before taking a couple of pictures:
From the front...
...and the back
It is a lovely autumn day today, but while DH has been pottering around outside before he went off to work, I just stayed inside and nursed my cold (sniff sniff). I am still working on my first of ten class sets of school reports (sigh), I hope that once I have ironed out the teething problems with the layout, the other sets will go much faster... Well, I better get back to it so have time to play on the weekend!


  1. Cool Quilt and a great cause! Good luck for the fundraising!

  2. Such a fun quilt it is. :) Luv it!

  3. G'day. Nice to meet you. That quilt looks fabulous. I love the colours you have used. Take care. Liz...


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