Sunday, 18 March 2012

So easy to amuse...

Yes, I am easy to amuse :-) Give me yucky rainy weather outside and I will just go to my sewing room and play...

Here are my four placemats (I ran out of fabric, otherwise I would have made some matching coasters):
Three drying on the clothes horse...
Just the binding to handstitch and threads to bury

They are meant to be reversible, and every placemat has a different design, all based on feathers though.
 I was quite nervous when I started the quilting - the grey is more visible than the white I am using on the QD9. I hope the lucky recipient will like them :-)

In conjunction with that, the second item I amused myself with today: Over on The Quilt Rat I read last week about QR codes. With a little help from my 11y old, these are my labels for the placemats including my own QR code:

100% Cotton
Delicate Wash
Handcrafted in
New Zealand
If your phone has a QR Scan app, scan it and it should take you right back to the Quilting Journey Blog - oh technology :-)

Tomorrow it's back to the rat race... I have been raking my brain lately trying to come up with an idea of how to get out of the rat race and more into creating?! Didn't win Lotto last night so that's not the solution (yet!).

I better start thinking about bath for the boys and dinner....

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