Friday, 13 January 2012

Let's celebrate our achievements, not count our failings

Today has been a bit frustrating, the weather has cleared some but there's strong wind, so while it's been getting really warm inside, opening the window meant doors slamming - I ended up lowering the blind and turning on the fan instead!

I had gotten up late, and being Friday I wanted to do a general clean as well as
getting some sewing done, boys were arguing etc. - somehow I felt running behind all day. But then it dawned on me that I had achieved a bit - folded and put away the washing, put on two new loads (one of them still in the machine), vaccumed the house, cleaned the bathrooms, washed the floors, baked cookies with youngest DS, survived numerous fights between the boys, cooked dinner on time and got some sewing done. Yes, some things did not get done, but I can keep on beating myself up about it or I can say hey despite the late start and the boys fighting and the funny weather, I did achieve some things. So in case you have a day like mine, try to think about it as glass half full!

On the sewing front, yesterday I got myself some cotton batting for my tesselation quilt (2 of the 4 rectangles are done and will be QAYG). Today I was piecing strips together for the backing. I was reminded the hard way why I should measure and cut strips to lenght; I hadn't and ended up taking it all apart again, over 28" width I had managed to stretch it almost 2" longer! Tomorrow I will put my sandwich together and try out the cross hatching I have planned - sounds simple and almost boring but I have never used this before. I want to have a go before I'll head away with my boys for a few days - a selfenforced sewing break, surely to lead to withdrawal symptoms except in plan to call in at Grandmother's in Gordonton :)

If you can, make sure you check out our Kerikeri Quilting Exhibition at Kerikeri Primary School, 10 - 4 Sat, Sun and Mon!

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