Sunday, 1 March 2020

March goals

Despite the short month, I managed to achieve most of my February goals:

Metrorings: Finish quilting the feathers between the melon shapes  DONE
Patchworkcity: Prepare the sashing strips - have prepared enough for 2 or 3 rows
Rainbow at Sea: Finish piecing the six 'orange' blocks - not quite there yet, still the middle SiaS to go, then piece the parts together
Linedried: Piece the three larger blocks for Section 2; make a decision on the smallest blocks (follow pattern or substitute?) - DONE
Summer Sampler 2017: Decide on fabrics / colours - DONE
Venus: Keep on working away on this, 1 block per 'sewing session' - first column DONE
Sparkler: Cut enough white 2 1/2" strips to piece another 3 blocks (which will bring total to 10) - DONE
Celebration / Perseverance: SID around all centre blocks - DONE

After years of hit and miss goals I had finally picked some achievable goals 😍. Let's see if I can do this for March, too.

March goals:
Metrorings: Ghost quilt the melon shapes incl. feathers (9 in total)
Patchworkcity: Sew first couple of rows together to check on size
Rainbow at Sea: Finish the orange blocks, then cut fabric for the yellow blocks
Linedried: Piece Section 3 blocks. 
Summer Sampler 2017: Piece blocks for weeks 1 & 2
Venus: Continue as leader / ender project
Sparkler: Piece 4 blocks
Celebration: SID around the 'in between' blocks

In other 'news', while today marks the official start of autumn, the endless summer seems to continue, and still no rain on the horizon. Parts of the region are on Level 4 water restrictions, we are still on Level 3 but I have basically given up watering the veggie garden now, the tomatoes and capsicums are still going, some small courgettes are still appearing but that's basically the end of it. One positive is that the grass doesn't need much mowing lol and the temperature of our pool, which is luckily still full enough to operate, is still at 29 degC.

Happy Sewing!

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