Sunday, 23 February 2020

More progress on February goals

Sometimes I surprise myself by how much progress I can make. It’s taken several years to get the mixture of projects and the breakdown of steps refined, and this month it seems just right!

Linedriedquilt: The blocks for section 2 are completed - even the teeny-tiny ones! Don’t worry, though, I’ll alternate them with 3 1/2” blocks so I won’t have to match the points. On track for #monikasuzchallenge2020!

Venusquilt: The first column is done :) The pieces go together better than I had feared though I can foresee some seams matching better than others - so far so good.

Sparklerquilt: The blocks go together so quickly, even more so when pre-cutting the strips. One more block to go to meet my 10/20 blocks goal for February.

Patchworkcity2020: I have started cutting the sashing strips (after much deliberation I have cut 5 1/2” wide after all). I won’t cut all just yet, I want to see the first couple of rows pieced together first.

Metrorings: The feathers are done (TG, I really want to get this finished...). March goal will be to finish the 9 corresponding ghost blocks

This gives me time to finish the centre SID on Celebration / Perseverance next weekend.

Rainbow at Sea Quilt: 2 more parts to piece before I can piece my 9 ‘orange ‘ blocks together. I need to think carefully how I break this project down so it doesn’t still hang around as WIP in 2025...

Summer Sampler 2017: I’ll make up my mind on the fabric choices by next weekend. I want to use my Alison Glass Rainbow FQ pack that also makes Linedried but the colours don’t quite match the pattern so I need to do a bit of juggling.

While work has been no less busy than a couple of weeks ago, some of the stress has lessened and I have been able to do some ‘other stuff’, too. With the very dry summer (officially in drought) the peaches and tomatoes have been plentiful so I got back into some of my past homemade pursuits: Bottled peaches, frozen tomatoe paste and soap :)

Happy Sewing!

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