Saturday, 2 March 2019


Once upon a time, when I started quilting, I had the intention of only every buying what I would need for a quilt (insert a laughing tears emoji). Suffice to say, that didn't last long, and while my stash goes through highs and lows, I also have a considerable amount of scraps. I remember seeing Charlotte aka Miss Lottie or The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady cut up her scraps into usable sizes, and last October I finally decided I would follow suit.

I borrowed Suzanne's copy of Scraptherapy by Joan Ford from Hummingbird Highway and got cutting... There is still several bags of scraps I need to go through, but here are some of the blocks I have pieced so far:

I had wanted to make an 'Irish Chain kind-a' quilt for a long time...
Closer up: A mix of prints, batiks, solids etc. Many memories in these scraps!
I want to add more colours, so until such time I won't decide on a final layout 
As per my usual MO, I had to have a 'home' for it in mind, so I'll aim for approx. queen size and will put it on the bed in the uni student's room when we have visitors - at the rate I am (not) going at the moment, that might be a few years away still...

Happy Sewing!

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