Sunday, 3 March 2019

Learning through Mistakes

Some projects just take FOREVER, and my Metro Rings quilt is one of those projects... I first mentioned it in a post on 12 May 2015 while we were living in Brisbane, I have posted about it a few times and it's been languishing next to my Sweet Sixteen for months now (it's be a favourite sleeping place for our cats, some of the stains on it are from kitty cats that are no longer with us...). Yesterday I picked it up again and added some more quilting.

After some more work on it this afternoon I decided to assess where I am at for now (that left me rather frustrated...).
I found a new place to hang up quilts - on the pergola

To put it on record (after all, it doesn't count if you don't blog about it, aye?), this is what quilting is still left to do:

  • Giant 8s in the pieced rings: 15 blocks
  • Feather inners: 19 blocks
  • Orange peel & micro-stippling in corner stones: 11 blocks + 3 blocks that need un-picking and re-doing
  • Above quilting in HSTs: 9 blocks + 3 blocks to unpick & re-do
  • Above quilting in quarter-triangle (is this a word??): 2 blocks
  • Ghost rings: 9 blocks
  • Secondary pattern (white on white): 25 full blocks, 16 half blocks, 2 quarter blocks
Rather a lot left to do still but I am hopeful I will still like it - let's see if I can get this done before the 4y anniversary :)

I like the texture in the late afternoon sun...
... and I think this looks very cool (even if I say so myself)

I learnt so much through the mistakes I made in this quilt, incl. piecing of circles, using rulers for quilting, suitable motifs to distract from mistakes, using S16 to quilt etc. etc. that I decided to call the quilt "Learning through Mistakes". Let's hope I won't have to learn too much about removing the stains from this top...

Happy Sewing!

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  1. You have been busy! I still love how your metro rings is coming along. I think I started mine before you and I've got about 5 blocks! It will be well worth the time involved to get it finished. Little by little.


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