Monday, 7 November 2016

Auckland Festival of Quilts

A whirlwind trip to Auckland (to buy a new car for DH) allowed me to visit the Auckland Festival of Quilts. Here are some of my favourites:

Minecraft is important in my day job :)

A featured quilter

Love the thread painting, what a stunning piece altogether!

The colours pop!

This quilt reminded me a lot of the candlewick quilts Donna from the BMQG enjoys making

I wouldn't want to piece all of these, but a fascinating quilt to admire!

An incredible piece, look at all the detail in the quilting!

Yellow challenge - some of our Northland and ex-Northland quilters represented 

Teeny-tiny blocks!

Mine were there of course, too :)

This was one of the most stunning pieces, unfortunately I missed out the label:

I want to try out this black stitched outline around the applique shapes, it looked great (click on image to view larger)

Probably my favourite quilt in this show:

What do you think?
I need to find a better photographer, I can't read it but it's obvious the judges liked this quilt, too.
Enough inspiration to last a while...

Happy Sewing!


  1. Saw that Minecraft quilt and thought of you... you have to make one someday :o)

  2. Ha ha! Found your 'normal' blog! I was a bit floored by the educational blog. *smiles*


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