Sunday, 22 June 2014

Pottering along

There's somehow not much exciting going on in my quilting life, so I struggle to post! It's no like I'm doing nothing, but nothing much worth sharing I feel....

The Tokyo Subway will need weeks of quilting until it's done:

Basted stage from a few weeks ago

All coloured subway lines are quilted, plus approx. 1/8" black line around all of these lines. I have quilted some of the white 'stops' but I am mainly concentrating on the black echo swirls in the background.

And here is a shot of the back (please excuse the lack of focus).

This flimsy is completed and waiting for the right inspiration to proceed to the next step:

Fireworks is in the ‘bury threads' stage - not much longer I hope!

And that's about all my quilting accomplishments at the moment!

As you would expect, many waking hours are taken up by work (I read an interesting article today about work-life integrationg rather than work-life balance where in the latter somehow work and life mutually exclude themselves, while in the former you can arrange your work around life - hmmm). A few accomplishments from there to share, though, an article which includes an interview with me about Minecraft in the classroom has been published in Education Aotearoa a few weeks ago, and I have just been asked to contribute to a similar article in a different magazine; I passed my Google educator certificate last weekend (and now have set my sight at the Google Teacher Academy in Sydney in September - anyone interested in billeting a slightly crazy quilting e-learning facilitator from New Zealand???), and I will present two sessions at the ULearn Conference in Rotorua in October.

Can't wait for winter to be over, I can't stand cold/damp/grey weather brrr - and all those socks on the washing line really irritate me ;). What is going on in your part of the world?

Happy Sewing!!!


  1. I've just seen Suzanne's finished subway - good on you both! The flimsy awaiting inspiration is lovely - how big is it? Interesting comments re the work-life integrating vs balance. Hadn't thought about it that way. I think my hubby has got the intergration thing down pat here on the farm!

  2. I want to know how big the flimsy is too. Really love the way it's turned out. Keep persevering with Tokyo subway, it'll be awesome when it's done. And congrats on being published!


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