Sunday, 7 April 2013

"Seasons of"...

  • EXHILARATION: (I checked in the dictionary, it's not a word I normally use lol): My "Frei" quilt has been selected-selected and will be shown in Melbourne weekend after next and then around AUS and NZ for the rest of the year with the possibility of traveling beyond in 2014 :-)
  • HARVEST: While summer is my only one favourite season, I enjoy the gluttony of autumn and have bottled peaches, frozen stewed apple, there is apple wine bubbling (while we are enjoying elder berry wine and plum wine :D) and today I waxed Gouda cheese I made last weekend. I am also in the process of emptying out the freezer as our cattle are definitely at home kill stage (age, size - and stupidity! We have had to chase them out of the garden a few times lately!)
  • GETTING SEWING DONE: My BoM from last year, "Seasons of" is all in one piece and I have started quilting. I took plenty of pics for a possible QAYG tutorial, it all went so well together, I was very pleased with myself today!

approx 43 1/2" x 56"

Sorry for the blurry pic, the back of the blocks are various NZ prints, sashing / borders is a grey Moda Marble
My first attempt at Orange Peel / Postage Stamp (is there a difference?), while not perfect I like the effect
Have you seen the tutorial for Diamond Sashing from The Green Quilt Fairy Judi? It worked out quite well except -
- the grey bobbin thread was very visible so I ended up ripping the whole section out again. I will do it again, after my orange peels are all done, but this time using white on top and bottom (too bad for the grey fabric on the back :-)

  • STARTING SOMETHING NEW: Are you a Bag Lady / Guy? I certainly am, a gal (guy) never has enough bags! Elizabeth Hartman from Oh Fransson! has just released a new bag pattern for her Sewing Circle Tote. Join Suz and I in our little Bag Along to get this finished before the end of June! First, purchase the pattern from her shop here for US$12.50 (I also bought the Margaret Bag pattern and took advantage of the 25% off, an offer that unfortunately just expired). The pattern is as detailed as you would expect from Elizabeth Hartmann. She has a detailed list of materials, so please raid your stash and purchase remainders to join us in completing the outside of the bag before the end of April. I am yet to learn how to do a linky, so if you are keen to join us, please leave a comment to this post including your blog address or email me (check my profile).
Linking up to Birthday Love Stash over at Sugarlane Quilts and FMQ Friday over at Leah Day's.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Congratulations on being accepted!!! You'll be well pleased you booked your tickets!! Your seasons is looking good - have fun with the quilting - I like the diamond quilting in the sashing. I'll be watching you and Suz make those bags up!!


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