Monday, 4 February 2013

Start of February

Work has taken up a lot of my focus, but I managed to get a little sewing done.

The D4P - which is yet to be named properly - is on hold until the thread I have ordered arrives - beauty of living where we are, everything - and everyone travels...

I finally made a fluffy cushion cover from the fluffy blanket DH bought - picture below.

If I want to submit 'Free' for the AQS, I better get cracking, so I stitched the wire fence onto washaway fusible and below you can see how it turned out.

I have also laid out my next two Subway Map blocks ready to piece - maybe on Wednesday = Waitangi Day?

I am spending 2 days in The Big Smoke = Auckland - I absolutely despise the traffic, but I am envious to the access to services, shops, schools, people you have down here. This evening I managed to have a brief catch up with the lovely Chris from Diet Coke Rocks and her family, and I even got a cuddle with her second newest grandson, 7 week old Dante - so cute! Chris took some pics, so I'll have to borrow one when she posts them. In between work schedule and traffic this was way too short a visit, but if I get down here more often, I might be able to have the odd catchup with more of the lovely Auckland Quilters / Bloggers - Rona, I hope your term has started well, I hope we can organise sth. towards the end of February?
Tomorrow afternoon I go on the return journey home, with Waitangi Day on Wednesday I hope I can run away before the masses - I don't fancy another good 4h drive (crawl) for a 260km journey (which you can manage in 3h)...

Happy Sewing!

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