Monday, 18 February 2013


I am so behind in my quilting it's not funny! I started my new job four weeks ago and I love it, but it is a lot of work (well, it's full-time and pay and perks have to be earnt somehow!). Since my last post I have...

  • Quilted some more on my D4P - but obviously still not named it lol. I really love the feathers which came from a suggestion Suz made, I also like the wiggly lines that I have tested on one of the strips between the triangle (not a sashing strip but looks like one) - it will bring out the star. But will it be soft enough to sleep under?? Advice, please!!! See, I only use my quilts as day covers, in keeping with my German upbringing lol
I have made my way three quarters across the first two rows of blocks - 6 more rows to go :-)
There'll be lots of threads to bury... and I am yet to quilt feathers in the partial squares around the edges.
  • I have also (finally) picked up again on my Free Challenge Piece for the AQC - pictures are due by 1 March, so I better get to hurry up! I am not entirely sure how much I am allowed to share about it, I have shown you the background here and the chainlink fence here. I have experimented with painting silk chiffon yesterday to layer on top of the green part of the background to give an impression of a flower meadow. As I have powered through my paid work without any break today, I might get into this again before dinner. I have also organised my backing and batting, as well as my template for the sign which will have particular significance in the finished piece - if I ever get it finished!!! It's quite different to what i would make without the self-inflicted threat incentive of entering the competition!
  • My two Tokyo Subway Quilts blocks are still sitting there set out awaiting piecing.
What have you been up to? Linking up to FMQ project UFO Sunday.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I hope you get your quilt finished in time.
    And it was lovely to meet you recently Chick!

  2. it is so hard to get quilting done when you are juggling work and everything else. Good luck and I hope you meet the deadline

    Cheers Pauline

  3. Hello, my name is Miep and live in Hastings NZ, I ended up on your blog as I was looking for reviews on the Pfaff Expression 4. Still not sure what to do as I have a Bernina 440QE, very happy with it, but the Pfaff offers a bigger throat, and cut of thread. Have to weigh of if its worth changing, oops did I say that. I mean add another machine in my sewing studio.
    Was lovely looking and reading your blog. Thanks


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