Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Like you ought to, I made some New Year's Resolutions:

*Complete my UFOs
D4P: 41 of approx 90 blocks pieced
Firework: 7 of approx 25 - 40 blocks pieced
Free Challenge Piece: Background pieced. Needs to be completed by March 2013.
3 quilted satin pieces: To be turned into cushion covers
2 pieces of fluffy fabric: To be turned into cushion covers
Woven wallhanging has only a few blocks pieced - need to go and look for it
Tokyo Subway Quilt - fabrics selected and remaining ordered, yet to start. Challenge with Suz to complete 2 blocks / month.
(Still some) leftovers from Stratavarious quit - turn into a slashed top
SIF BOM: 3 blocks completed of 12. Needs to be completed by mid June 2013.
Get birthday presents (crafty and others) organised before the last second - signing up to Wendy's Birthday-Love Stash 2013!
*Loose weight
*Get fitter

I have not spent all that much time sewing over the last few days, weeding, cutting flowers from the garden, pottering around with other projects - with some success!
*DH has with my able help (...) replaced the cracked iPod4 touch screen. All (except the front camera) seems to be working fine, however, if you need one replaced, it's worth the $150 we we quoted at a shop as it is a SH.. job! Boys are under strict instructions NOT to break it again!
*Cleared the office to a stage where I can use it as home office for my new job - even managed to move the children's netbook in there to give it a proper home,
*Revived my old bicycle! It hasn't been used much at all for the last 15 years, but with only a little help from DH I got it to run on all of it's 21 gears whoot-whoot! My children are not very activity minded unfortunately, but DH and I used to ride our bikes a lot in our life bNZ and bC (before coming to NZ in 1997 and before birth of children in 00, 02 and 04). We now have a cycle track only a few km from where we live and have only done a very small part of it (with children). With a bit of luck I might be able to go a bit further on my own and work on my fitness?

I have to be back at work on Monday so I hope to make the most of the days until then. Hope your new year's time is productive!

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  1. Monika, that is quite a list! I can't wait to see all your projects come to life this year.


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