Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A 'Birthday-Love Stash and Sew It's Finished' Finish

It's already 8 January and I have not completely fallen off the resolution wagon yet (just wait for it, it's bound to happen!). In my usual disorganised manner [hence my joining the BLS!] I realised 2 days before a friend's birthday party (Sunday) that I would need a present . Admittedly, my sewing room is at the moment the messiest room in the house (right after the garage...), but having a pile of mending and UFOs lying on the floor came in handy as I found my present! In little time I had sewn the already trimmed piece of satin, fmqed with feathers, into a cushion cover, utilising another recycled zip - only to realise that I had turned the front inside out... So out came the seam ripper, through the seam and the zigzag and I put it back together(this time the right way around!) using nifty stitch 19 on my Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0 which sewed and overlocked in one go. I hope my friend will find the finished cushion to her liking (picture is without the inner). Linking to BLS and SIF for January:-)

In regards to my long list of resolutions I am happy to report that I have
  • Found the woven wallhanging UFO and I don't think it should take too long to complete
  • Pieced a few more blocks of the D4P - 61 are now completed with a further 7 needing one more step of piecing and then trimming to size. I have found that taking great care when cutting, pressing seams before piecing and piecing individually, not chain piecing, seem to help with those nasty corners that need matching lol
I have been swimming at least every other day and I am making plans to go for a bike ride with DH but without children soon :-) so my fitness will hopefully improve! Eating less and cutting down on after dinner glass of wine to just every other day should hopefully help me work on my weight loss goal!

How are your resolutions going?

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  1. you go girl.....sounds like you're on the right track!!! I bet your friend loved her present!!! I'm with you on the weight loss goal....I plan to lose 'some' this year too!!!
    xox sugary hugs
    wendy :O)


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